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About the artist


Meet Alice Scarlett

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alice Scarlett Wilson. I'm a local artist from Fowey currently studying at Falmouth University. 

I exhibited for 3 years at the Falmouth Universities Create Ed exhibitions winning numerous Highly Commended, Silver and Gold awards.  The pinnacle being the Senior Gold Medal prize.

I take primary inspiration from

traditional watercolour techniques, looking back to the highly precise and artistically demanding style of watercolour studies produced during the Victorian era by eminent artists such as Thorburn and Stewart.

I also like to add a very local and Cornish aspect to my work, something to help promote the Cornish language, heritage and wildlife; not just to local people but something that would also have great appeal to our many visitors to the county.

All original watercolours are produced following weeks of photographic study of Cornish bird life.

 The Cornish language names have been digitally added to each image and have been verified by Mark Trevethan at Cornwall Council Cornish Language Office. 

My next project is already in the pipeline, a study of Cornish coastal and wading birds.

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